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Fleshlight Flight commander

Fleshlight Flight commander

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From Fleshlight, Makers Of The World’s Bestselling Masturbators!


Ready to rock and fly? The Fleshlight Flight is a must-have for any man looking for out-of-this-world delights. Pack your bags and take off—the inner commander sleeve is just bursting with tight rings to caress you as you slide in for takeoff. Feel each ring treat your manhood to a smooth, intense massage until you're ready to blast off!

  • Sized for easier travel and a more compact, maneuverable fit
  • Clear textured case makes no-slip stroking easy
  • Made of super-soft TPR material for a lifelike feel
  • Use in case to feel a blowjob-like natural suction
  • Twist the base to adjust the level of suction stimulation

Strap in and get ready for the flight of your life. The Fleshlight Flight Commander is a sleeker, more streamlined version of the traditional Fleshlight – and the commander's unique inner sleeve will blow your mind like no other stroker. From its tight spiral aperture entrance, you’ll sink inside a love tunnel lined with ring after ring.

You can watch your progress through the Fleshlight Flight Aviator’s clear case. It’s textured for an easy grip even while your hands are slippery. Go as deep as you dare and feel the stimulating tunnel and the case’s natural suction create a one-two punch of pleasure that’ll leave you gasping for more. You can also remove the sleeve from the case for a totally freewheeling stroke session.

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