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LOVE Deluxe Thruster Kit

LOVE Deluxe Thruster Kit

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Quick vocabulary lesson incoming. Don't worry, it's a sexy lesson! We're going to talk about the word 'thrust'. It's a noun, and it's described as 'the driving force produced by a mechanism such as an aircraft engine'. Full disclosure - we aren't exactly aviation experts here, but we do know that the driving force, or 'thrust', if you will, behind the LOVE Deluxe Thruster Kit was/is your or your partner's extreme pleasure

It probably wouldn't be much of a stretch to state that, with only a few exceptions, thrusting, or a back-and-forth (to and fro, if you prefer) motion is pretty important when it comes to the rhythm of sex, correct? Whether you're after some solo satisfaction or one of you is the voyeur type, the LOVE Deluxe Thruster Kit lets you lay back (or stand, or squat, or lean) and enjoy.

Packing a ridiculous amount of power into a fully portable design, the Kit's detachable hand-held thrusting unit dramatically gyrates back at forth with a spin of a dial. Boasting the strongest motor available in it's class, the Thruster unit delivers a full 2 inch stroke at up to 200+ thrusts per minute. 

A lightweight frame is included, which you can use to mount your LOVE Thruster in just about any position. 4 extra sturdy suction cups anchor the frame to most smooth, nonporous surfaces, so you wont need to worry about it taking off in the throes of passion. The frame sets up in a snap, and dissembles quickly for storage or travel. 

Once it's all set up, mount your Thruster to the frame and angle it up, down, or somewhere it between to fit the sexy scenario at hand. Speaking of hands, the Thruster unit can also be simply held in your or your partner's grip for even more positioning possibilities. In either case, use the simple power box controller to activate, slow and speed up thrusting.

Powered by reliable electricity, the  LOVE Deluxe Thruster includes the required AC adapter.

Spot clean your  LOVE Deluxe Thruster as needed, but keep it as dry as possible. NOT for use in or around water. The included Wand dildo attachment is compatible with any favorite water based lube, but please keep it away from silicone lubes and other silicone toys/products.

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