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Pik A Pleasure

Womanizer Premium

Womanizer Premium

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  • ► Air Pulse Clitoral Stimulation : The clitoral sucking vibrator uses non-contact pressure-wave technology to provide feelings of suction and pulsations & giving you the most sensational orgasms.

  • ► High Quality Silicone & ABS Material: The sucking part is made of premium quality body safe silicone which is very soft and silky feels like real skin. The rest part is made of superior quality ABS.

  • ► 100% Waterproof: Clit sucking vibrator is 100% water-resistant enabling you to explore the fun out of your bedroom to enjoy your pleasuring moments while taking bath or relaxing in tub.

  • ► Very Quiet, Whispers Only: Produces 10 suction modes from lighter to intense. Plays very silently and keeps your privacy to you only, even the user barely can hear it.

  • ► Magnetic Charging Technology - Portable: It’s magnetic charging technology makes it very handy to charge. Compatible in charging with all types of USB charging devices. It’s portable and you can take it anywhere you want.

Revolutionary Suction and Pulsing Technology :

Produces 10 variations in suction from lighter to intense while vibrations also blends with suction from 6th intensity level.

Has the sucking and pulsing power, it’s going to be a reason behind a pleasure that you never had before.

The lay-head is designed to cover your clitoris perfectly and is made of soft, silky stretchable silicone that feels like real skin.


10 Suction Modes Blended with 5 Vibration Modes :

Clit sucking vibrator has 10 sucking modes and 5 vibration

modes that automatically starts blending from 6th intensity level.

100 % Waterproof Design : Clitoral sucking vibrator is 100% waterproof.

Take the fun out of your bedroom and enjoy playing with it while taking shower and relaxing in the tub.

No matter the occasion is wet, slippery or dry, clitoral sucking vibrator is always ready to please you.

Whisper Quiet :

The clitoral sucking vibrator is remains always silent and very quiet. Keeps your privacy as priority, no one can hear it in next room.

Magnetic USB Charging Technology :

Very easy and convenient to recharge due to it USB magnetic charging technology. Compatible with all USB charging devices. 1.5 hours of charge provides 2 hours of pleasure!

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